Round 40J Schedule

Planned Scope

Semantic PMI Representation

  • Testing based on AP242 IS and PMI Rec.Pracs. >= V4.0.4
  • Test case will also include Graphic Presentation, and association between Representation and Presentation
  • Include Semantic PMI Validation Properties as far as supported
  • Include editable PMI text strings as far as applicable and supported
  • Based on updated (2017) NIST MBE PMI Validation Project Models (all CTC/FTC)

PMI Tessellated Presentation

  • Based on updated (2017) NIST MBE PMI Validation Project Models (one CTC / one FTC)
  • Using B-Rep Geometry with Tessellated Presentation
  • Focus on correct definition of Saved Views (element visibility) and cross-highlighting.


  • New Test Model and Recommended Practices available
  • Technical discussions will be handled by LOTAR Composites team

Alternative Part Shapes

  • Sheet Metal Use Case (folded / unfolded part), based on NIST CTC-03
  • Including PMI on folded shape, as well as Validation Properties.
  • Second test model for testing several Levels of Detail for the same shape with Tessellated Geometry.

STEP AP242 BO Model XML Assembly Structure

  • Using well known S1 test case
  • Using AP242-TC Schema and XML Rec. Pracs. v2.0 as far as supported by vendors.
  • Including User Defined Attributes and Assembly Validation Properties

Production Models

  • Continued robustness testing
  • New models needed!

Possible Additional Capabilities to be Tested

  • Kinematics: Currently in preparation by core team.
  • Persistent ID: Several possible scenarios, including geometry update / PMI and metrology.
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