The MBx Interoperability Forum is significantly improving STEP translator quality and decreasing translator time-to-market
User Group

Who are We?

The EWIS-IF User Group is composed of industries representatives that have electrical harness interoperability requirements and are interesting to accelerate STEP AP242 ed2 electrical translator’s development, quality and availability.

Participants: Gulfstream, Boeing, Safran, Fokker, Airbus

Objectives of the User Group

The User Group is in charge of:
The main achievement of the User Group of the last 6 months is the preparation of the tests case for the test round 2E.

Tasks & Results

The results of the User Group are the followings:

To Join the EWIS-IF User Group

To join the EWIS-IF User Group or for more information, please contact the two co-leaders of the group: